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Welcome to the SCI HR Strategies Blog, an interactive online adaptation of the HRstrategies Newsletter. This site serves as a free Human Resource communication platform that covers tips, techniques, and trends in the Professional Employment Organization (PEO) Industry. SCI Companies (SCI) has been a leader in providing innovative Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO) options and delivering business solutions to organizations for over 25 years.The organization leverages a combination of knowledge, experience, and insight to present Best Practice solutions for managers, employees, and Human Resource professionals.

HR Strategies Blog is a One Stop Resource Center that organizes reference information about Talent Management, Employment Law, Training and Development, Leadership and HR Outsourcing. Viewers are encouraged to engage in dialogue through the Features tab and HR Blogs tab. Sign up to receive e-mail updates of blog content and stay connected with your HR insider.

Articles on this site are archived by HR disciplines:
  • Talent Management: Explore HR function including Benefits, Payroll, Worker’s Compensation, Recruitment and Selection practices, Employee Relations, and Orientation Processes, Technology in the Workplace, HR communication
  • Employment Law:Find the latest news on HR Regulations and Legislative issues
  • Training and Development:Improve managerial resources to enhance workplace dynamics and work processes
  • Leadership: Guide leadership initiatives to transform tactical functions into strategic processes (written from an Executive perspective)
  • HR Outsourcing: Stay informed on the latest trends and developments in HR Outsourcing

Posted July 23, 2011 by scicompanies