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New Jersey Pay Equality Poster and Notice

Employees only breakroomNew Jersey employers awaiting the release of the Pay Equality and Notice will have to wait a little while longer. On January 7th 2013, a notice of proposal containing a proposed version of the new poster was published by the New Jersey Register; but an error was discovered on the notification. The notice is currently undergoing revisions and will be reviewed again later this month.

Recap of the Pay Equality Poster and Notice Requirements

As of November 21st 2012, New Jersey employers with 50 or more employees are required to post and distribute the Pay Equality notice outlining gender equality in pay, compensation, benefits and other conditions of employment. This notice must be posted in English and Spanish as well as in any other languages predominantly spoken by the employee population. Employers must also distribute the notice to each employee along with an acknowledgement form to confirm the receipt of the notification.

The notice can be distributed by email, via printed material or through an internet or intranet platform that can only be accessed by employees. Once the notice is distributed, employees must return the signed acknowledgement within 30 days. Employers are required to provide this information:

(1) to all employees no later than 30 days after it is issued by the New Jersey Department of Labor (NJDOL);
(2) at the time of an employee’s hiring;
(3) to all employees annually on or before December 31st of each year; and
(4) at any time upon the first request of an employee to all employees.

The NJDOL has not released the Pay Equality poster or a template of the acknowledgement form. It would only be upon publication of the notice that the posting and distribution requirements become effective.

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