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Creating a High Performance Team

Choosing talentA high performance work team is something we all want to have or be a part of. As a manager, you have to understand and guide your group through the developmental phases of a team in order to achieve high performance. Some managers feel if they put a group of people together they will automatically start to function as a team; that is far from the truth.  First, the team needs to have a common purpose as well as mutual goals for success.  Then, you should select members with competencies that complement the skills and abilities of other members in the group during the recruiting process.  Once this is completed, then the real fun begins.

By: Jake Hardin, Director of SCI Tampa Operations

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A Compelling Time for Topgrading: Managing Performance and Managing Your Budget

TopgradingLeading companies maintain their competitive advantage by hiring the best and brightest employees and then establishing a culture that focuses on advancing and retaining these “A” players. In his book Topgrading, Bradford D. Smart outlines the methodical approach to identify, select and develop top talent as a deliberate business strategy. When executed, this strategy allows companies to outperform the competition and thus impact the bottom line in a positive manner. If topgrading is an unarguable framework for business success, then there is no time like the present to reevaluate the talent pool and make sure that a company’s investment in human capital creates a positive return and enhances the overall success of the business.

By Greta Cairns, Director of SCI Atlanta Operations

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Stop The E-Mails!

mailMost professionals will acknowledge that efficient use of time is a constant challenge in today’s corporate environment.  I recently identified my greatest opportunity for improvement in this area: Email Replies.  As a starting point, I spent several weeks logging the quantity of email responses and their corresponding time commitment (Note: Incoming emails were excluded as I can only control what I send).  It was, at times, a tedious process but I felt strongly that any and all short-term pain would yield long-term gain.                                                                                  

By: Eric Nazarian, Director of Client Technology Solutions

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Leadership Tips for HR Pros from a CEO Perspective

 What approaches should individuals take to become world-class leaders in the world of Human Resources? CEO, Henry Hardin, provides  leadership advice to help advance  your career.  

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A Merger of Tactical and Strategic Process: Transforming HR Processes

Human Resources (HR) plays a vital role in providing a sustained competitive advantage to the organization. Many organizations fail to see HR functions as a strategic collective process. To position HR management as a value-added process, organizations must combine intergraded HR functions with the organization’s long term business strategy. A strategic process consists of interconnected disciplines from talent and organizational management to create a holistic process. Once these functions are intergraded, they can be implemented with long-term goals and objectives.

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Posted August 22, 2011 by scicompanies

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